About Christine’s Crochet Journey

Welcome to Spotted Horse Design Co.! I’m Christine, the heart and soul behind this crochet blog. My business is named after my beloved horse, Chip, who was my inspiration to start this business. Losing my job in 2019 led me to crochet, initially as a means to support Chip, but it quickly became a passion and a lifeline.

While Chip is no longer with me, his spirit lives on through my designs. Crochet became my solace and sanctuary, especially as someone dealing with PTSD from past trauma. Living off-grid in my tiny cabin in the woods, surrounded by nature, has been incredibly healing. Crochet has been my constant companion, helping me find calm and purpose during difficult times.

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My designs are a reflection of my off-grid lifestyle and love for nature. Each piece is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of my cabin life. This blog is not just about crochet; it’s a glimpse into my world, sharing my experiences, triumphs, and challenges as I navigate this life of crochet and off-grid living.

Join me as we explore the beauty of crochet and the serenity of reconnecting with nature. Let’s crochet our way to a more meaningful and fulfilling life together!

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