Free Crochet Phone Pouch Pattern

This is a free crochet phone pouch pattern. Learn to crochet a fun and trendy hands-free option for your cell phone!

Crochet Phone Pouch Pattern

As a crocheter, I enjoy making gifts for others. But I always seem to be short on time so I’m usually on the hunt for a quick gift. I also like to make sure that the gift I make someone is something practical that they can use.

Enter the crochet phone pouch! This is something that is easy enough for beginners but is practical for just about anybody. The strap is long enough so that you can wear it crossbody. Now you have a wonderful – and trendy – hands-free option for amusement parks, the beach, the farmer’s market and more!

And if you’re anything like me, then being able to change your phone’s ‘outfit’ is something you like to do often. I get bored with the same design and like to always have options 🙂 More on that below…


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Crochet Phone Pouch Pattern

This crochet phone case pattern is part of my Summer Cell Phone Case series. This is the fourth and final design of the series. If you are following along with this series, then you know that I released one new free cell phone case pattern each week for four weeks total.

To see the previous designs head to these blog posts:

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Crochet Phone Case Pattern
Crochet Phone Case Pattern
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Want all four patterns right now?

You can grab all four patterns in one easy download – and it’s ad-free!

  • Get all four patterns in one place – never lose them
  • Work through each design at your own pace
  • Video tutorial is included for easy access (no having to search YouTube or find this blog post again to find it)

Crochet cell phone holder - free crochet pattern series

Crochet Phone Case Pattern

To see all the steps and techniques used in this crochet pattern be sure to watch this video tutorial:

Free Phone Pouch Crochet Pattern


  • Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton yarn in 4 colors or your choice (colors I used are below):
    • 1/2 skein Ecru (color A)
    • 1/2 skein Cafe Au Lait (color B)
    • 1/2 skein Dragonfly (color C)
    • 1/2 skein Amber (color D)
  • 4.00 mm crochet hook (G6)
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle
  • stitch marker

Skill Level:

  • Beginner. The maker should have basic knowledge of crochet stitches and terminology for this pattern.

Crochet Phone Case Pattern


  • ch = chain
  • st/sts = stitch/stitches
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • yo = back loop only
  • sc = single crochet
  • A = color A
  • B = color B
  • C = color C
  • D = color D


  • 5 sc x 5 rows = 1 square inch

FINISHED SIZE (approximate):

  • Length: 6.5”
  • Width: 3.5”

Pattern notes:

  • This pattern is written using standard US crochet terms.
  • This cell phone bag will snuggly fit an iPhone 13 or 14 Pro Max with a case on it. I’ve used it for an iPhone 8, which is smaller but this gives extra room for a chapstick or some cash as well!
  • This pattern is worked in the round. You will not join rounds.
  • Use any worsted-weight yarn for this pattern.
  • You can use whatever colors you’d like!
  • Instructions are given for color changes only. You will make one single crochet in each stitch all the way around for every row.
  • You will need to use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each row.

How to read this pattern:

To keep the wording to a minimum and not so redundant, I have only stated how many stitches per color you will be making in each row. For example, this is how you will read this excerpt:

“(B) x 5” means to make 5 stitches with color B.

Instructions for the Crochet Phone Pouch

This pattern is worked in the round. This means you will not join rounds with a slip stitch and ch 1 before starting a new round.

Written instructions are given for the color changes only. You will make 1 sc in each st all the way around for each row unless otherwise instructed.

I did not fasten off a color until I was completely finished with it, including color A. I simply picked it up from the row(s) below when I needed it again. This created very small lines on the inside of my work, which I don’t mind since no one will see the inside of the bag and the lines do not get in the way of my cell phone.

The stitch count at the end of every round will be 32.

Begin using the color Ecru or whatever you’ve chosen to use as your Color A.

using color B, ch 16.

Base (Round 1):

Make 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Sc across in each of the next 13 ch. In the last ch, make 3 sc – which will bring you to the other side of the ch. Make one sc in the other side of each ch all the way across. Make 2 sc in the last ch. You should have a total of 32 sc.

How to make the base of the bag
How to make the base of the bag
How to make the base of the bag
How to make the base of the bag

Mark the end of this round with a stitch marker (and every round throughout)

*working one sc in each st now and throughout

Row 2: (A) x 32

Row 3: (B) x 32

Row 4: (B) x 32

Row 5: (B) x 32

Row 6: (B) x 32

Row 7: (A) x 32

Row 8: (B) x 32

Row 9: (B) x 32

Row 10: (B) x 32

Row 11: (B) x 32

Row 12: (A) x 32

Row 13: (C) x 32

Row 14: (C) x 32

Row 15: (C) x 32

Row 16: (C) x 32

Row 17: (A) x 32

Row 18: (C) x 32

Row 19: (C) x 32

Row 20: (C) x 32

Row 21: (C) x 32

Row 22: (A) x 32

Row 23: (D) x 32

Row 24: (D) x 32

Row 25: (D) x 32

Row 26: (D) x 32

Row 27: (A) x 32

Row 28: (D) x 32

Row 29: (D) x 32

Row 30: (D) x 32

Row 31: (D) x 32

Row 32: (A) x 32

Row 33: (A) x 31, make one sl st in the very last stitch. You will now begin making the strap.

How to attach the strap:

As you are finishing the last round, make 1 sl st in the last st and begin making a ch to your desired length. (If you are not quite to one of the ends of the bag, you can either sl st until you are or you can fasten off and reattach your yarn to start the strap) Different body heights/types require different lengths so make it the length that works for you.

How to attach the strap
How to attach the strap

Once the chain is to your desired length, without twisting it, attach it to the other side of the bag. Ch 1, make a sl st in the st to the left of where you attached the ch, ch 1 again and begin making 1 sl st in each ch all the way back down the strap.

How to attach the strap
How to attach the strap

Once you’re back to where you started, make on sl st to the left of where you started the ch and fasten off. Weave in all ends.

How to attach the strap

How to read the color graph:

Each square on the graph represents one single crochet.

All rounds are worked in the round without joining. The graph should be read from right to left for every round.

Color Block Instructions:

Work the number of stitches in each block in the color shown. White = color A, Gray = color B, Blue = color C, Orange = color D

That’s it! Your geometric crochet mat is all finished! What colors did you end up using? I’d love to see your work 🙂

If you love this pattern, please do share and tag me @spottedhorsedesignco on social media. I absolutely love seeing all your makes ❤️

Crochet Phone Pouch Pattern




These photos are the property of Spotted Horse Design Co. This tutorial is for your personal use only. Please do not copy/paste, distribute, or alter and claim as your own.

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