This step-by-step tutorial guides you through creating the diagonal chevron crochet stitch, perfect for blankets, scarves, and more.


Diagonal Chevron Crochet Stitch Tutorial

The Diagonal Chevron Crochet Stitch

Today I’m going to walk you through the diagonal chevron stitch technique. The Diagonal Chevron Crochet Stitch is a captivating technique that introduces a contemporary and dynamic element to your crochet repertoire.

Characterized by its bold, diagonal chevron pattern, this stitch adds a modern touch to any project, from blankets and scarves to fashion accessories. Embrace the bold elegance of the Diagonal Chevron Stitch and elevate your crochet projects with a touch of modern flair.

Scroll down for the instructions for this easy crochet stitch.

Diagonal Chevron Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Video Tutorial for the Diagonal Chevron Crochet Stitch:


  • your favorite yarn and hook combination


  • Intermediate beginner – the maker should know and be comfortable with basic crochet stitches first.


  • chain 1 does not count as a stitch
  • this stitch is a one-row repeat
  • start with any multiple of 3 + 2
  • you will only join on the very first round, all other rounds are worked without joining
  • you will need a stitch marker


  • ch/chs = chain/chains
  • yo = yarn over
  • st/sts = stitch/stitches
  • sk = skip
  • sp = space
  • sc = single crochet

Instructions for the Diagonal Chevron Crochet Stitch:

This tutorial is just for a practice swatch. However, if you’re a confident crocheter and want to just jump into making a project (dishcloth, scarf, etc.) then go for it!

Step 1: *Note: this stitch is worked in the round. Make sure to have a stitch marker handy. Start by making a ch of any multiple of 3 + 2.

Step 2: Being careful not to twist your chain, join with a sl st to first ch made.

Step 3: Ch 1. (Ch 1 does not count as a stitch)

Step 4: (*This is the only round you’ll be joining with a sl st. All other rounds will need a stitch marker) Work one sc in each ch all the way around. Join to first st with a sl st. Ch 1 (ch 1 does not count as a st.).

Step 5: Work one sc in each st all the way around. Be sure to use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of this round

Step 6: Next round: Work one sc in each of the first two sts.

Step 7: To make the diagonal chevron stitch, you’ll first need to locate two spaces. First, find the st where you made your first sc you worked in this row.

Step 8: Next, look at the next st – where you’d normally make your next st – and then locate the st two rows below that.

Step 9: So, here are those two spaces. 1: where you made your first st and 2: the st two rows below the next st.

Step 10: Now, working into both those spaces, start by inserting your hook into the st where you made your first sc. Pull up a loop and be sure to pull it all the way up to the to the surface.

Step 11: Now, insert your hook into that second space I showed you and pull up a loop being sure to pull it all the way up to the surface. You’ll have 3 loops on your hook.

Step 12: Yo and pull through all 3 loops. First diagonal chevron st is made.

Step 13: Skip this st that’s behind the diagonal chevron st you just made.

Step 14: Make one sc in each of the next two sts.

Step 15: Working over the two sc you just made, repeat steps 7-12 to make another diagonal chevron st.

Step 16: Continue to work this round repeating steps 13-15 all the way around, ending with a sc in each of the last two sts.

Step 17: Now, from here on, you’ll be working completely in the round, so you can ditch the stitch marker if you want (I did). To start the next round, you’ll be working a diagonal chevron st in the first of the last two sc you just made and the first st from two rounds below.

Step 18: Work a sc in each of the next two sts.

From now on, it will be easier to spot where you insert your hook for second step of the diagonal chevron st. You’ll simply look for the sc in between the two diagonal chevron sts and insert your hook there.

This is what your next diagonal chevron st should look like.

Step 19: Continue to repeat steps 13-15 until your practice swatch is your desired size.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the Diagonal Chevron Crochet Stitch! Did you enjoy the modern flair it brings to your projects, or did it present an exciting creative challenge?

What will YOU make using this stitch? Did you make a practice swatch? Did you just go for it and make a project with it? Either way, I’d love to your work! Please do share and tag me @spottedhorsedesignco on social media. I love seeing all your makes ❤️

Diagonal Chevron Crochet Stitch Tutorial




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