Tulip Crochet Stitch Tutorial

This blog post provides a step-by-step tutorial for making the tulip crochet stitch, complete with photo tutorials and a video tutorial.

Tulip Crochet Stitch Tutorial

The Tulip Crochet Stitch

Do you love relaxing crochet stitches? I love a good crochet challenge, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and crochet on auto-pilot. The tulip crochet stitch is exactly that: a nice, easy repeat that can be made while you’re relaxing or binge-watching your favorite television show.

Scroll down for the instructions for this easy crochet stitch.

Tulip Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Video Tutorial for the Tulip Crochet Stitch:


  • your favorite yarn and hook combination


  • Beginner – the maker should have knowledge of basic stitches first


  • this stitch is a one-row repeat
  • start with any multiple of 4
  • this stitch creates a naturally scalloped edge


  • ch/chs = chain/chains
  • yo = yarn over
  • st/sts = stitch/stitches
  • sk = skip
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet

Instructions for the Tulip Crochet Stitch:

This tutorial is just for a practice swatch. However, if you’re a confident crocheter and want to just jump into making a project (dishcloth, scarf, etc.) then go for it!

Step 1: Ch any multiple of 4. I chained 16.

Step 2: In the third ch from the hook, work 3 dc.

Step 3: Ch 2.

Step 4: Work one sc in the next ch.

Step 5: Skip the next 2 chs.

Step 6: Work 3 dc in the next ch.

Step 7: Ch 2.

Step 8: Work one sc in the next ch.

Step 9: Repeat steps 5-8 all the way across the starting ch. Ch 2, turn.

Step 10: Locate the ch 2 space from the row below.

Step 11: In this space, you’ll work:

  • 3 dc
  • ch 2
  • 1 sc

Step 12: Continue to work the same sts from step 11 in each ch 2 space across the row. Ch 2, turn.

Step 13: Repeat row 2 (steps 10-12) until your practice swatch is your desired size.

Tulip Crochet Stitch Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed diving into the blooming beauty of the Tulip Crochet Stitch! I’d love to hear your thoughts – was it an easy stitch for you? What kind of projects do you envision creating with this elegant pattern?

Be sure to tag me on social @spottedhorsedesignco so I can see your lovely creations! I always love seeing your makes 🙂

Tulip Crochet Stitch Tutorial




These photos are the property of Spotted Horse Design Co. This tutorial is for your personal use only. Please do not copy/paste, distribute, or alter and claim as your own.

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