How to Make a Yarn Tassel

This blog post provides a step-by-step tutorial for making a yarn tassel to add to blankets, pillows, shawls, and more.

How to make a yarn tassel

How to Make a Yarn Tassel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tassels are a great way to add that extra touch to your crochet projects. Whether you’re embellishing blankets, pillows, scarves, shawls, or other creations, tassels can bring your projects to a whole new level. In this post, I’ll guide you through the simple process of making your own yarn tassels and share some inspiration for incorporating them into your designs.

Scroll down for the instructions for this easy crochet accent.

yarn tassel tutorial

Why Tassels?

Tassels are wonderful modern accents that can transform an ordinary crochet piece into something extraordinary. They add texture, movement, and a touch of playful sophistication. Plus, they are incredibly versatile and can be made in any size or color to match your project perfectly.

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How to Make a Yarn Tassel Video Tutorial

How to Make a Yarn Tassel


  • Yarn of your choice
  • Scissors
  • A 6″-7″ object (examples: iPhone, small book, DVD case, piece of cardboard)
  • A tapestry needle (optional)



Choose Your Yarn

Select the yarn you want to use for your tassel. The type of yarn will affect the tassel’s look and feel. For a fuller, more luxurious tassel, opt for a thicker yarn.

Of course, if you’re wanting to add tassels to a current project, the best choice is to use whatever yarn you’re already working with.

Cut a Length of Yarn for the Tie

Cut a piece of yarn about 12 inches long. This will be used to tie the top of the tassel.

I like to tie it width-wise around my object first. This way, I don’t have to fish it through all the loops of yarn at the end.

Wrap the Yarn

Take the yarn and begin wrapping it around your object of choice. The length of your object of choice will determine the length of your tassel. Always choose something a little on the longer side so you have room to trim as needed without your tassel being too short.

Wrap the yarn around 65-75 times for a medium-thick tassel. If you’re using a bulky or super bulky weight yarn, you may only want to wrap it 40-50 times so it doesn’t get too thick.

Secure the Top

This is where you’ll use the piece of yarn you tied at the beginning. Untie that first and bring it toward the top of all the loops. Carefully slide all of the wrapped yarn off your object. Now, use that piece of yarn to tie the top of the wrapped yarn bundle tightly. Do not cut the yarn! You’ll use these ends to secure your yarn tassel to your project.

Cut the Bottom

Cut through the loops at the bottom of the bundle, making sure all strands are even.

Create the Tassel Head

To form the head of the tassel, take another piece of yarn (about 12″-14″) and wrap it around the tassel about 1 inch below the top tie. Wrap it once or several times (I usually just do once or twice), then tie a knot and hide the ends by threading them through the middle of the tassel using a tapestry needle.

Trim the Ends

Trim the bottom of the tassel to ensure all strands are even and to your desired length. I like to comb through the tassel with my fingers to make sure all of the pieces are laying evening before I begin cutting.

Attach Your Tassel

Use the ties to attach the tassel to your project. You can tie it directly onto your blanket, pillow, or garment. Once your tassel is secured to your project, you can run a crochet hook up the center of the tassel and pull the ends through the middle so they blend in with the rest of the ends. You may need to trim the ends so they are the same length.

And that’s it! Your yarn tassel is now complete :) Which project will you use yours for?

Creating yarn tassels is a simple and enjoyable way to add a unique touch to your handmade projects. Whether you’re accenting a blanket, pillow, scarf, or any other item, tassels bring an element of fun and sophistication. Give it a try and see how these little embellishments can transform your designs!

Be sure to tag me on social @spottedhorsedesignco so I can see your lovely creations! I always love seeing your makes :)

yarn tassel tutorial


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