Star Crochet Stitch Tutorial

This free tutorial walks you through how to make the star crochet stitch. In this blog post, you’ll find photo tutorials as well as a video tutorial.

Star Crochet Stitch Tutorial

The Star Crochet Stitch

I remember learning the star crochet stitch a very long time ago, but I’ve never really used it in any projects. Recently, I’ve unearthed this lovely stitch from my memory and now I don’t know why I haven’t used this stitch earlier! This pretty crochet stitch resembles a cluster of stars using a combination of loops and puff stitches forming a crochet star.

Truly, this stitch is easy. There are several places where you’ll insert your hook to create this stitch, but I’ve laid it out very simply for you so hopefully it isn’t too difficult. Alternatively, I’ve included a video tutorial if you find that more helpful than the photo tutorials.

Scroll down for the instructions for this easy crochet stitch.

Star Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Video Tutorial for the Star Crochet Stitch:


  • your favorite yarn and hook combination


  • Intermediate beginner – the maker should know and be comfortable with basic crochet stitches first.


  • chain 1 does not count as a stitch
  • this stitch is a two-row repeat
  • start with any multiple of 2


  • ch/chs = chain/chains
  • yo = yarn over
  • st/sts = stitch/stitches
  • hdc = half double crochet

Instructions for the Star Crochet Stitch:

This tutorial is just for a practice swatch. However, if you’re a confident crocheter and want to just jump into making a project (dishcloth, scarf, etc.) then go for it!

Step 1: Ch any multiple 2. I started with 16 chs.

Step 2: Work one hdc in the second ch from the hook and in ch across.

Step 3: Ch 3.

Step 4: Locate these 5 spaces:

  • second ch from hook
  • third ch from hook
  • st that you made the ch 3 out of
  • the next st
  • the next st

Step 5: Now, insert your hook into each of these spaces and pull up a loop each time. This will give you 6 loops on your hook.

Step 6: Yo and pull through all 6 loops.

Step 7: Ch 1 to close the star. First star st is made.

Step 8: For all other stars on this row, you will locate these spaces:

  • eye of the star
  • last two legs of the star
  • last st the star was made in
  • the next st
  • the next st

Step 9: Insert your hook and pull up a loop in all of these spaces. You will have 6 loops on your hook.

Step 10: Yo and pull through all 6 loops.

Step 11: Ch 1 to close the star.

Step 12: Repeat steps 8 – 11 for the remainder of this row.

Step 13: Work one hdc in the same st where you finished your last star. Ch 1 and turn. (ch 1 does not count as a st)

Step 14: Work one hdc in the first st.

Step 15: Locate the eye of the star from the row below.

Step 16: Work one hdc in the eye of that star.

Step 17: Now, locate each eye all the way across and work 2 hdc in each eye until you get to the last unworked st.

Step 18: Work one hdc in the very last st.

Step 19: To continue, alternate the last two rows (steps 3-18) until your practice swatch is your desired size.

Finished Star Stitch Swatch

See, this stitch wasn’t too hard, right?? The texture looks like you spent hours making it, but the stitch really does move pretty quickly!

What will YOU make using this stitch? Did you make a practice swatch? Did you just go for it and make a project with it? Either way, I’d love to your work! Please do share and tag me @spottedhorsedesignco on social media. I absolutely love seeing all your makes ❤️

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Star Crochet Stitch Tutorial




These photos are the property of Spotted Horse Design Co. This tutorial is for your personal use only. Please do not copy/paste, distribute, or alter and claim as your own.

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